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Gathered Here Together

GATHERED HERE TOGETHER (Ampersand Books) are 22 of Garrett Socol’s finely-crafted stories, by turns darkly humorous or light and zany, and often both at once. The characters populating these stories march slightly out-of-step with the world around them: a woman who throws a bake sale to raise money for her electroshock therapy…a writer who creates a suicide handbook…a teenage girl who holds up a liquor store and changes the course of her life. In this collection, Socol brings his wry insight and sensitivity to bear on the madness of contemporary culture, the silliness of everyday life, and illustrates the many ways people, against all odds, keep themselves afloat.

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Gathered Here Together - Stories

The complete list of stories in Gathered Here Together

Tooth Decay
Lust, betrayal and illicit flossing take center stage in a small Midwestern dental office.
The Bludgeoning of a Burgeoning Young Artist
A wealthy, eccentric woman nurtures a hot young artist, but her devotion leads to murder.
The owner of a day spa, along with thirty members of her community, share a shocking secret.
Last Hope in Chagrin Falls
A small town woman throws a bake sale to raise money for her electroshock therapy.
Liquor Store Lust
A convenience store robbery goes very wrong, but a youthful sexual encounter goes very right.  
Whites in Hot Water
A neglected wife discovers her passion when she takes in laundry.
Sally's Suicide Checklist
A depressed woman creates a guide for those contemplating suicide.
Gone Shopping
A dying young man takes his sister-in-law shopping for an urn in which to place his ashes.
Architectural Digestion
A tornado decimates a small town, and an older couple devises a peculiar way to rebuild.
Gathered Here Together
Returning to her small hometown for her best friend’s funeral, a troubled woman reconnects with key people from her past.
And Then There Was Scent
Who came up with the idea of deodorant?
The Father of Dental Floss
Who came up with the idea of dental floss?
The Birth of Roget's Thesaurus
How did Roget begin writing the indispensable tool called the thesaurus?
Ophelia's Fortieth
Strange events occur at a fortieth birthday party including the sudden death of a guest who may have deliberately jumped from the balcony. 
The Missing Bridesmaid
A tumultuous love affair turns deadly.
The Mourners Wore Magenta
The suicide of an elderly patriarch brings out bizarre skeletons that were hidden in the family closet.
Intended Target
The masochistic tendencies of a young woman emerge after the murder of her best friend.
The Charismatic Accountant
Uncommon elements of fame, desire, and hosting Saturday Night Live blend in a quirky story of an affable accountant.
We Knew What It Was By Then
The beginning of a pandemic.
Recollections of Miss Linley
A schoolteacher recalls the day in November 1963 when  she took her class to catch a glimpse of the President.
Kate's List of Lovers
A college students shocks her friend with her list of ex-boyfriends.
Fame and Madness in America
Thrust into the spotlight because of a murder trial, talentless people try to turn their fifteen minutes of fame into at least thirty.

Gathered Here Together - Excerpt

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Gathered Here Together - Praise

What people are saying...

Brilliantly created characters and masterful prose. There's no fluff here - just finely crafted fiction that brings in the reader and doesn't let go until well after the last story is told.

Nathaniel Tower, Editor Bartleby Snopes

If you're looking for offbeat storytelling, look no further. Garrett Socol will lead you down paths you least expect in this splendid short story collection.

Cetywa Powell, Editor Underground Voices

There's no question that Garrett Socol can tell a good story, weaving subtle plots and intriguing characters together with skill and sophistication. But for us, what takes his work to the next level is his often wry observation of contemporary society, his ear for surprising language and phrases that just leap out of the page. Whenever we start reading a Garrett Socol story, we know it's going to challenge us and make us think - and work like that is all too rare.

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