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Tooth Decay

TOOTH DECAY is a story of obsession, attraction, and proper flossing.

Small town married dentist Calvin Rhodes falls passionately in love with his bewitching new hygienist Rosalie Sterling. As an inevitable affair begins, so does jealousy, revenge  and scandal. What does this dental office have to do with the disappearance of a well-liked female baker? TOOTH DECAY moves along with the urgent power of a dental drill on a rotting tooth. The intriguing mystery and quirky humor that ensue from these characters will take you on a wild ride never before imaginable from the nervous comfort of a dentist’s chair.

Published by:  Folded Word Press

Tooth Decay - Excerpt

Here are several excerpts from Tooth Decay to enjoy!

Tooth Decay - Praise

Dental work has never been this funny.  Garrett Socol creates characters
on the edge-often with one foot in the great beyond-and finds their
humanity and quirky appeal, writing about them with devastatingly witty

Michael Musto, Village Voice

Blackmail, betrayal, murder, and a villainous office manager darken the tongue-in-cheek comedy, demonstrating that oral hygiene is no defense against moral rot.

Matt Seidel, The Millions

Tooth Decay - Q&A

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Just a typical day in a small Midwestern town.

No. The story evolved as the characters evolved. Just like in life, one thing leads to another. The blackmail grew out of jealousy. The infidelity grew out of lust. The murder, actually, grew out of a series of events that plagued and haunted one of the characters. There’s obviously no justification for murder, but I wanted to delve into the mind of the criminal to understand where the killer instinct came from.

Yes. In fact, that obsession with teeth is what initially brings Calvin and Rosalie together. When he discovers this common bond, he becomes swept away. Not only is he physically attracted to this woman, he shares a very profound passion for dental care with her. He’d never met anyone with whom he could “talk teeth.” On their very first lunch date, all they talk about is dental care, and Calvin can hardly believe he found someone who shares this passion. He is in tooth heaven.

Well, he does acknowledge that he’s committed adultery. But his marriage was never strong. He never felt a deep connection to his wife, the kind of connection he instantly feels with Rosalie. After experiencing that bliss, he believes every human being deserves to feel that kind of happiness and fulfillment. Deep down he knows his marriage must end.

He’s afraid to move too quickly. Calvin has always been someone who followed the rules. He always did what was expected of him, and it paid off nicely. He built a successful dental practice, he has a nice home, a lovely wife. But he discovers that it’s not enough. Still, he finds it hard to break the cardinal rule of marriage. He also wants to make sure his relationship with Rosalie will last. His biggest fear is that she‘ll lose interest in him and he’ll be left alone.

Because she wants to control everything. This is a woman who likes to be in charge, and suddenly she has no power whatsoever. So she devises a devious way to gain control, and that’s what sets off the scandal in this small community.

That’s right. This affair becomes the topic du jour. It’s discussed everywhere by everyone. I’ll give you a few lines from the book:

That’s what the people of Solon Springs were discussing morning and night…at the beauty salon, the post office, the bowling alley, the Laundromat, the car wash, the gas station, the bus station, the funeral parlor, restaurants, grocery stores, even at Tuesday night Bingo at Saint Clement of the Sacred Angels Cornerstone Community Church in Chippewa Falls…Nothing like this had happened in recent memory, and the residents of this small town couldn’t get enough of this real life soap opera.

Right. This small Wisconsin community is suddenly thrown into complete turmoil.

Everything comes full circle, just as it often does in life.

I think humor can be found in almost any situation. I can’t help seeing it. I find the strangest things funny.

I had great fun, but I didn’t make any of the names up! They are all actual small towns in Wisconsin: Cobb, Flerke, Shallowford, West Sweden, Otter Creek, Siren, Sister Bay. Sometimes the truth is much funnier than fiction.