Books by Garrett Socol

Tooth Decay:
TOOTH DECAY is a story of obsession, attraction, and proper flossing. Small town married dentist Calvin Rhodes falls passionately in love with his bewitching new hygienist Rosalie Sterling. As an inevitable affair begins, so does jealousy, revenge  and scandal. What does this dental office have to do with the disappearance of a well-liked female baker?

Fame & Madness in America:
When Brenda Bernstein poisons her husband of four days, little does she know that she is about to set off a media circus the likes of which haven't been seen since O.J. got into a white Ford Bronco. Told in vignettes from the various important (and not-so-important) players' points of view, Fame & Madness in America is a wildly entertaining romp that explores the world of fleeting popularity in a culture that worships celebrities.

Gathered Here Together:
22 of Garrett Socol's finely-crafted stories, by turns darkly humorous or light and zany, and often both at once. In this collection, Socol brings his wry insight and sensitivity to bear on the madness of contemporary culture, the silliness of everyday life, and illustrates the many ways people, against all odds, keep themselves afloat.